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Sin Salsa No Hay Paraiso
El Gran Combo



Salsa Radio Producer


Radio is Dj Estelio “El Social” ‘s greatest love. He loves listening to it and he loves making it. He considers radio as the most noble and beloved means of communication, as the way to connect with people on an intimate level by sharing ideas, opinions and emotions. And for this reason he also became a salsa radio producer.

As an avid fan of Latin music, he has always been interested in learning more about its history and its evolution throughout time, so he decided to create a radio show where he could share his knowledge with others. The show started off as a small project almost 10 years ago with the radio host and salsa radio producer Hara Rabaouni, and was broadcasted both through Volos Municipal Radio Station and Radio Nova FM in Greece, but quickly became popular due to its unique style and approach towards Latin music. It focuses on bringing together different styles within this genre to show how diverse it can be when it comes to musical genres.”Echale Salsita” has also gained popularity among many listeners due to its interactive format which allows listeners from all over the world participate by sending their requests via social media platforms.

The radio show’s name comes from an expression that is usually used in Mexico to describe something delicious or enjoyable. It was chosen due to its positive connotations, which fit perfectly into the show’s theme: sharing with listeners some of the best Latin-American music ever recorded.