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Sin Salsa No Hay Paraiso
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Salsa Dj Services


He’s been playing sets for decades in various events, parties and festivals and has evolved and discovered his own unique style – a combination of Afro-Latin genres. He is a Salsa DJ after all providing his salsa DJ services in Greece and abroad.

His style is eclectic and his energy is contagious. What he enjoys the most is creating an amazing environment that makes people go all the way. He knows that it’s not only about playing the right song, it’s about emotion, feeling and passion. It’s about how you mix the tracks together and how you feel when you stand in front of an audience. It’s about creating an atmosphere with your music that brings people together!

DJ Estelio “El Social” is an expert at reading the crowd and finding their rhythm. He believes that “catching” the palm of the dance floor is the best way to stimulate vibes and get people moving until the morning light.